What We Do

Rarely do clients wake up one morning and say, “I need a comprehensive financial plan.” More often, clients go to bed facing an acute challenge not knowing how to solve it. We are here to help. Pacific Crest Wealth Planning is a team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners offering full-service wealth planning with the goal of providing financial solutions.    

Financial Planning: A collaborative process that helps maximize a client's potential for meeting life goals through financial advice that integrates relevant elements of the client's personal and financial circumstances. The financial advice provided may touch on any of these areas:

Investment Planning

  • Development of Investment Strategies
  • Portfolio Development and Analysis
  • Asset Allocation and Portfolio Diversification
  • Explanation of the Taxation of Different Investment Vehicles
  • Explanation of Types of Investment Risk

Retirement Savings & Income Planning

  • Perform Retirement Needs Analysis
  • Perform Social Security Optimization Analysis
  • Recommendation and implementation of appropriate Retirement Plan(s)
  • Explanation of Medicare and Supplements
  • Explanation of Retirement Plan Distribution Rules and Taxation

Tax Planning

  • Development of Tax Reduction and Management Strategies
  • Development of Charitable Contribution Strategies
  • Explanation of Income Tax Fundamentals
  • Explanation of the Income Taxation of a Business Entity
  • Explanation of the Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates
  • Explanation of the Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Explanation of the Taxation of Property Transactions

Insurance Planning & Risk Management

  • Analysis and Evaluation of Risk Exposures
  • Perform Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Recommendation of Individual Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Recommendation of Individual Life Insurance
  • Recommendation of Individual Disability Insurance

Estate Planning

  • Develop Strategies to Transfer Property
  • Estimation of Estate Taxation
  • Explanation of the Characteristics and Consequences of Property Titling
  • Explanation of Gift and Estate Tax Compliance
  • Explanation of Types, Features, and Taxation of Trusts
  • Explanation of Intra-Family and Business Transfer Techniques
  • Explanation of Estate Planning Techniques of Non-Traditional Relationships

Education Planning

  • Perform Education Needs Analysis
  • Recommendation and implementation of Education Savings Strategies
  • Explanation of Financial Aid Opportunities
  • Explanation of Educational Loan Availability